The 20th Anniversary Rocky Barra Bounty Has Begun

A great event for the whole community

16 October 2018

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The 20th Rocky Barra Bounty is now underway, with over 100 fish caught on the opening morning!

With $2,500 contributed to the Bounty this year by Council, it's looking to be a great success for all involved.

Infrastructure Committee Chair, Councillor Tony Williams, said that the Bounty attracts fishers from around the country which consequently boosts our local economy and reputation as "the home of barramundi".

Every time an event like this is held, we see hundreds, if not thousands, of photos hitting social media and each one of those is an advertisement for people to visit Rockhampton. The more people who can see how good the fishing is here, the more people we will attract and this sector has grown in leaps and bounds in a short time already.

- Councillor Tony Williams

Proceeds from the Bounty go towards enhancing recreational fishing in the Fitzroy River.

Are you participating in the Rocky Barra Bounty? If so, let us know how you're doing!

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