That Game Of Thrones Dragon Scene Confirmed A Lot Of Big Theories


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16 April 2019

Entertainment News Team

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Note: This is not a picture from last night's episode.

Game Of Thrones season eight kicked off with an incredible dragon riding sequence which might have just confirmed a whole lot of theories.



Daenerys is down to two dragons these days, and when she discovered mid-episode that they weren’t eating she decided to take them for a ride. And while Dany jumped onto Drogon, she encouraged Jon to ride Rhaegal – which he did.

Well here’s the thing. While Jon isn’t exactly great at riding dragons initially, he gets the hang of it after a while. The dragons seem pretty cool with him. Why is that? Because he’s a Targaryen. And they are the experts at dragon riding. We’ve never seen anyone else (apart from the Night King) even attempt to ride solo on a dragon.

Also, the dragon Jon rode? It’s named after his dad, Rhaegar Targaryen.

Of course at this point in the episode, Jon didn’t know that he was a Targaryen. But by the end of the episode, Sam had revealed all in the crypt. Jon now knows he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen – something Dany has no idea about.

But there’s more to it. Let’s get into some book theories that haven’t totally made it into the show, and how they were probably confirmed by the dragon scene. 

  1. In the book series, when Dany goes to the House of the Undying she has a vision of her brother Rhaegar telling her “The Dragon has three heads”. Fans believe that this means that there will be three dragon riders, and have long predicted that Jon would be one of them.
  2. In A Dance With Dragons, Dany says that no Targaryen has ever ridden more than one dragon. You may remember in the show that when Daenerys flew beyond the wall on Drogon to save the group that were trapped on the ice, Jon was left behind. So this is his first time riding a dragon, and he ended up on Rhaegal, not Drogon. We’ve also only ever seen Daenerys ride Drogon.
  3. At a book signing in 2000 author George R.R. Martin said that the third rider would not necessarily be a Targaryen. We’ve already seen the Night King riding on Viserion in the season 7 finale. Since Viserion is undead, it’s unlikely anyone else will be able to ride him. We also have no idea of the Night King’s ancestry so we don’t know if he is a Targaryen or not. 

So here is where this is all leading. Will the final battle with the army of the dead featuring the three riders – Daenerys on Drogon and Jon on Rhaegal vs the Night King on Viserion? Or will something else happen to break up this trio of riders?



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