Ten Ways To Exercise At Home When You Cant Leave The House

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We're all stuck inside, gyms are closed, and our bodies are beginning to complain. 

Here are ten exercise ideas for people in self-isolation who are starting to feel a bit stir crazy!

Skipping Rope

Let's take it back to your primary school days and get yourself jumping! You just need enough space around you that you won't be hitting anything with your rope, and then you can go for gold. You may need to order a new skipping rope online - but luckily plenty of places are still doing delivery. Once you've got the hang of it, you can tackle some of the jump rope workouts on YouTube. 

No Equipment Workouts

First of all, if you've got enough exercises up your sleeve you can do star jumps, squats, crunches and lunges until you're feeling all tired out. However if you need some guidance, there are plenty of home workouts on YouTube that don't need any equipment. Just you and a bit of space!

Home Yoga

Is being cooped up inside making you feel tight all over your body? Maybe you need to stretch it out with some yoga. One popular YouTube channel is Yoga With Adriene. 


If our Prime Minister has got you inspired to try Barre, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You don't need anything special to try this out, although having a few dogs running around your feet might help. 


One of our favourite fitness personalities Tiffiny Hall has a fantastic online fitness program called Tiffxo. It includes 20 minute coached workouts that you can do from anywhere. Check out her iso-workout on social media, and then learn more about her program here.

28 by Sam Wood

If you're looking for a program to really sink your teeth into, 28 by Sam Wood is a great one. Sam is currently doing daily Facebook lives from his own home, surrounded by his family. Some of these are for kids as well! You don't need to be a member to join the Facebook workouts, but if you are interested in being part of a larger program with daily workouts and meal plans you can find out more here


Chris Hemsworth's fitness app recently announced that new members can take part in a six week free trial! There's a huge range of workouts to choose from on Centr, so there's sure to be something for all interests and fitness abilities. Check it out here.


Do most workouts just seem way too long for you? Maybe Seven is the way to go. This app has a range of seven minute long workouts. Just one of these a day will help you not feel guilty about sitting around inside all day.  Find out more here.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a free app packed full of different workouts that include strength, endurance, yoga & mobility. There are even appearances from a few celebrities! The workouts are easy to follow and you can safely try them at home. Check it out here.

Workout In Bed

If you just literally can't be bothered getting out of bed, don't worry there are workouts for that. Here you go. Enjoy. 

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