Ten Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Smart Speaker

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So you've got yourself a brand new smart speaker, and you're looking for fun things to do with it. 

We've found some of the unusual and unexpected things you can do with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices!

Check out the list. 

1. Listen to your favourite radio station

OK sure, this is an obvious one for us - but how could we skip it? We've put a lot of work into making sure all your favourite Hit Network stations and shows are available on both Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can find out all about how to listen HERE

2. Order dinner

Yes, we really are in the future. Both Domino's and KFC have smart speaker ordering capabilities, and other food outlets are sure to jump on board soon. 

3. Build your grocery list

You can add items to your shopping list with your smart speaker! This means every time you realise you've run out of something, you can just ask for it to be added to your list. Both Google and Amazon support this functionality. Woolies even has Google Assistant integration to make things even easier!

4. Listen to the news

You can get all the headlines from the news simply by saying "Google/Alexa, tell me the news". Find out how to get the headlines from your favourite Hit Network station on your smart speaker HERE.

5. Talk to people in other rooms of your house

You can speak to people in other rooms if you've got multiple Amazon and Google devices in your home. Have a chat with someone in another room, ask them to bring you something or simply just surprise them with a random voice message.

7. Share some jokes

Simply say to your smart speaker, "Alexa/Google, tell me a joke". We can't guarantee whether or not they will actually be funny!

8. Get outfit help

Not sure what's appropriate to wear? Confused by the weather when picking your outfit? You can get help choosing your clothes with both Google and Amazon devices.

9. Learn how to spell

If you're not sure how to spell a word, just ask your smart speaker. Try saying "Alexa, how do you spell hippopotamus" or  "Ok Google, spell bananas". 

10. Set the radio as your alarm

Sick of waking up to beeps and ringtones? You can program your smart speaker to play your favourite breakfast radio show when you wake up. Find out how to do it HERE.

It can also provide hours of entertainment for your kids:

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22 November 2020

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