Ten Bonkers Things That Happened On 'Neighbours' Tonight When Izzy Returned

She's back!

13 February 2018

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Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) returned to Neighbours in a movie length episode (no joke, it went for 90 minutes) and this is what went down...

If like me you haven't watched Neighbours since the mid 2000s, here's what you need to know. Susan and Karl are happily married (again). Toadie's still around, but Fake Dee from 2017 isn't (or is she!?). Izzy and Karl have a teenage daughter called Holly, who has made several appearances on Ramsay Street and Susan's totally fine with her. Paul Robinson is still there. That should give you enough information to understand this, but I've included helpful Wikipedia links where necessary. 

Here are ten bizarre things that happened during Izzy's return episode:

1. Toadie was having a 90s themed 21st birthday party. He was joined by some former friends you might actually recognise including Stu (Blair McDonough) and Lance (Andrew Bibby). They were dressed as Teletubbies. 



2. Karl and Susan went to this party dressed as Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. 


3. Susan ran Izzy over with a car, which was how we were re-introduced to her. Izzy was dressed as Ginger Spice. Karl immediately accompanied Izzy to the hospital, because he's a doctor. Later she appeared to actually be his patient. 



4. At one point Toadie was presented with his teenage mullet in a box. 

5. Stu gave an "embarrassing" speech where he referenced Toadie's ex Sindi who conspired with Andrea (Fake Dee) to steal his money. Toadie walked out of the room and walked straight into Sindi, who handed him Andrea's phone number and told him she was back. Fake Dee did not appear in the episode, but I'm glad the only storyline I've paid attention to in the last decade is coming back.


6. Izzy has inherited 41 million pounds, which we later discovered came from her late husband who she was married to for one day. He was 89 years old but "looked like he was in his seventies". Naturally Susan was very suspicious of this entire scenario, but Karl just accepted it. 


7. "It's just a small consolation, but without giving away specifics I can say that he died with a smile on his face" - Izzy describing the moment of her husband's death to an equally horrified Susan and teenage Holly. 

8. Izzy and Holly went on a shopping spree, before bumping into Paul Robinson who was absolutely thrilled to see his old flame Izzy. He congratulated her on becoming a widow. Izzy later donated $20 million to the Erinsborough hospital so that she could name a new wing after Karl. Seems like a waste of her inheritance to me...

9. Throughout the first half of the episode a creepy dude was spying on Paul Robinson. He even watched him sleep! This was not addressed later on, which I am very annoyed about.

10. A young couple called Tyler and Piper were very sad and depressed because Tyler was going to jail. They attempted to run away by changing their appearances in a cinematic series of events that literally left Piper dangling off the roof of a building. They were eventually caught. Naturally Toadie defended Tyler in court. This all happened in a very short amount of time, possibly less than 24 hours. I was going to leave this storyline out of my recap, but I decided it was actually the most ridiculous thing to happen in the whole episode because I had zero context on who they were and what was happening.

What will happen next? Will I have to keep watching? Will any more of Toadie's ex girlfriends appear?  I have no idea. 

Nat Bass reveals what it's like to be back on Neighbours after all this time!

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