TBT: Remember These AMAZING Places In Adelaide?

We miss all these places!

30 May 2017

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Adelaide is a pretty amazing place to live, but if we look back there's heaps of places we miss!

Dazzleland - Myer Centre, Rundle Mall

January 31st, 1998 - it'll forever be known as the day we said goodbye to the dodgems, the lego expo, and Jazz Junction (the amazing rollercoaster pictured above). We miss you, Dazzleland!

Magic Mountain - Glenelg

Okay, so it wasn't the prettiest looking attraction in the world but we loved it! Before it closed in 2004, people from all over Adelaide would add to the parking nightmare that is Glenelg every weekend!

Actual Pizza Hut Restaurants

Croydon, Noarlunga, Torrensville... no matter where you enjoyed it, how good was actually sitting down and eating pizza in a restaurant? Especially when it was all-you-can-eat! Luckily we're still hanging on! The Pizza Hut in Marion must be one of the last restaurants left in Australia!

Puzzle Park - Murray Bridge

Was it the 3D Snakes & Ladders or just the tried and tested toboggan ride? Thousands used to rock up to Puzzle Park but now it's just a shell of its former self. Some of the slides are actually still standing (but no, we definitely don't recommend trying to use them).

Greenhills Adventure Park - Victor Harbour

Our most recent casualty - closed on May 1st 2016. An entertainment staple for families across Adelaide, but now apparently it's making way for housing and apartments. Can't we have just one more ride on the go karts? No? Okay...

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