Taylor Swift Reveals MORE About The Easter Eggs In Her 'Me!' Film Clip

She is the quiz master!

3 May 2019

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The world cried a collective YAS as Taylor Swift dropped the video for her latest comeback tune 'Me!' recently because not only were we set for a visual spectacular, we knew there would be a basketful of easter eggs for her fans.

When catching up with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, he asked her about how accurate her fans are getting when guessing the name of her next single (one of the eggs that was apparently dropped in the clip).

Taylor: A lot of them know it. A lot of them know it. They're really smart. There are fewer people who know the next single title.

Zane: Wow. So it's not ‘Lover.'

Taylor: Well I'm not going to say anything about anything. I'm not going to break. You think you're dealing with an amateur?

Zane: No, not at all. I was just, what I was doing is I was just sort of like throwing it out there just to see how it landed. But of course, you know, people are very excited about about what they've been discovering in the video and and it must've been really fun for you to go through and to write that treatment knowing full well that you were going to take us all on a bit of an Easter egg hunt.

Taylor: Yeah, I mean the Easter egg hunts when they stop being fun for my fans, I'll stop doing them, but they seem to be having fun with them and I think that with music I'm always trying to expand the experience from just being an audio one. Like, if I can turn it into something that feels symbolic or seems like a scavenger hunt or seems like some kind of brain game that feels like it's more, then I think that's something to keep in mind as a goal for me I just want to entertain them on as many levels when I can.

Check out the full interview below.


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