Taxi Loss Hurting Local Business

Business owners noticing declines

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Since the only taxi driver in the town of Denmark stopped operations six months, businesses have been claiming a loss in revenue and have noticed a dent in the local economy.

Owner and chef of Pepper and Salt restaurant, Silas Masih, has said he has noticed a drop in his restaurant's revenue since the taxi service left town.

"What generally happens in that my customers will go for wine-tasting during the day and come to our restaurant for dinner," Mr. Masih said. "They won't be able to drive after the wine tourand expected to catch a cab for dinner, but since we have no taxi in town many of them have to cancel the bookings."

Mr. Masih has even resorted to driving some patrons home himself once his shift finished.

"I feel like tourism has really stagnated in our town and small businesses are suffering because of it"

Liz Jack, the Chief Executive of the Denmark Chamber of Commerce, has organised a community meeting with local business owners to find a solution.

8 October 2019

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