Tassie Told To Brace For Catastrophic Bushfires This Summer

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The state is being warned that summer could bring up to two weeks of catastrophic bushfires.

Professor of pyrogeography and fire science, David Bowman has told the Mercury that although the land is damp at the moment, that could change quickly.

Tassie told to brace for catastrophic bushfires this summer

He is not expecting a repeat of the Black Tuesday fires from 1967 but is warning that we must be better prepared.

Growing grass needs to be cut before fire season, and with the risk of climate change, weather patterns can be unpredictable.

The Tasmanian Fire Service is urging residents to start preparing their properties and put a plan together for it a fire starts.

Leigh Hills from the Fire Fighter’s Union says that the TFS is better equipped this season, with upgraded vehicles and a water supply agreement for aircraft.

For more information on getting your property fire ready for summer, visit the Tasmania Fire Service website fire.tas.gov.au.

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20 September 2021

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