Tasmanian Golf Club Pulls The Pin On Wallaby Cull

After public outrage

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Greens Beach Golf Club in Tasmania has called off a decision to cull wallabies and possums on its course after public backlash.

An online petition gathering almost 11,000 signatures and threats to the business have been heard loud and clear, making the club meet community expectations. 

A decision to cull native wildlife on a golf course in the north of Tasmania because of their "excessive droppings" has been abandoned in the face of community outrage and threats to the business.

The golf club spoke about the decision to pull the pin in a statement.

"The Greens Beach Golf Club understands the need to meet community expectations in relation to the management of the local wildlife population. "Whilst there have been strident views from either end of the spectrum, including personal abuse of staff, sponsors and members, the club sees the potential for this matter," said a spokesperson.

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Amber Lowther

4 June 2021

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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