Tasmania's Aged & Disability Care Homes Plagued With Management Fatigue

Workforce woes

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Tasmania's aged care homes continue to be plagued by a high turnover of staff with unions now raising the alarm with the state's major providers.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation of Tasmania (ANMF) have been calling for better wages and a new national registration scheme for all personal care workers with minimum time standards for residential care to address a growing shortage in frontline staff.

ANMF secretary Emily Shepherd said all aspects of care are impacted by failings of the major parties to recognise the challenges facing staff including the lack of commitment to funding.

"It has a huge flow on effect when there is those positions that aren't filled in a permanent way and it takes away registered nurses from carrying out their duties in delivering quality care to their residents"

- Emily Shepherd

In the meantime, the Tasmanian government are funnelling $3 million into their Rapid Response program aimed at training 600 people in aged and disability care programs.


Disability Services Minister Sarah Courtney explained roughly 4500 extra staff are needed across the sectors over the next three years.

"These are critical sectors that we know need staff and also this provides great opportunities for Tasmanian's wanting to enter these industries"

- Sarah Courtney

For more information in Aged and Disability care contact Skills Tasmania on 1800 655 846 or visit www.skills.tas.gov.au

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24 June 2021

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