Tanya And Vito At The Heart Of ANOTHER Cheating Scandal

Oops, they did it again

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After the couples seemingly put their differences aside earlier in the week, The Block has been rocked by yet another scandal.

It all started with an instruction given by Foremen Keith and Dan, who told the contestants to have their laundries installed during Living and Dining Room Week; their last opportunity to take advantage of sponsors, Kinsman, who would install the utilities free-of-charge.

The sponsors had been scheduled to install laundries last week as per the original production plan, which was changed as a response to this season’s cheating controversy.

Hear interior designer and Block judge, Shaynna Blaze, break down the cheating scandal:

Ever rebellious, Tanya and Vito decided to use the time to focus on the week’s rooms, meaning their laundry installation would leave them out-of-pocket… Or so we thought.

After sneaking Kinsman workers into House #3, Tanya whispered a damning admission to producers.

“We’re very grateful to Kinsman, who came back just for us and put all the laundry in… but don’t tell anyone else,” the controversial contestant said.

Equal parts pissed and suspicious, Ronnie and Georgia, who shared last week’s win with Tanya and Vito, flagged the installation with Foreman Keith, who, upon investigation, agreed the couple from House #3 should be paying for the services.

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Nick Barrett

6 October 2021

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Nick Barrett

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