Take Your Furry Friend With You As Uber Pets Is Here!

How pawfect!

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Uber Pets is finally here and launching in most cities across Australia from today onwards - and furtunately Hobart is included. 

Uber Pets is giving us all an extra bit of freedom by allowing us to bring along our best friends anywhere we go, as much as our hearts desire.

The main aim for Uber Pets is to allow pet owners who may not have their own car or access to pet friendly public transport, a means to travel. Uber Pets can get you and your furry friend to the vet, the doggy parks or cat cafés. A win win for pets and owners alike!

It is a win for the Uber Pet driver’s too as they also get a chance to hang out with so many animals (which surely will brighten anyone’s day?!)

Your standard trip will now have an additional $6-$7 ‘pet fee’ amount. Another bonus - If your pet is a certified service animal, Uber is allowing you to use the regular Uber service.

This initiative comes at a great time allowing pet owners the flexibility to get out and about, especially now during the winter months.

Bonnie Ferguson

25 June 2020

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Bonnie Ferguson

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