Sydney Will Be Treated To A ‘Strawberry Moon’ Eclipse On Saturday Morning

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Attention space enthusiasts, night owls and early birds, the Earth, Moon and Sun have a gift for us this Saturday morning!

A penumbral lunar eclipse, also known as a ‘Strawberry Moon’, will be occurring in the very early hours of the morning as the Earth, Moon and Sun all align. When this happens, the Earth blocks part of the Sun's light from reaching the Moon and covers all or part of the Moon with its outer shadow.

The eclipse will begin at 3.45am (AEST) on Saturday, 6 June in Sydney and will reach its peak at 5.24am (AEST) with a forecasted clear sky helping visibility.

Due to how late the event occurs in Australia, the display will be cut short as the sun rises.   

It’s important to note that the name ‘Strawberry Moon’ comes from the short strawberry growing season in northeastern North America, NOT the colour of the moon.

It will still be a spectacle though, so set your alarm for the early hours and marvel at the sky!

The Strawberry Moon will mark the start of ‘eclipse’ season, with upcoming events in July and November.

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4 June 2020

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