Sydney Set For A Wet Week With Rain And Cool Temps

Time to find the umbrella!

4 June 2018

Article heading image for Sydney Set For A Wet Week With Rain And Cool Temps

It's time to get the umbrella out, with a wet and windy week predicted for Sydney.

Coastal areas of Sydney in store for between four and 15mm of rain today, with it set to get wetter as the week progresses.

Rain will be more intense tomorrow and Wednesday, with a wet weather system to move through NSW.

“There will be lots of showers up and down the NSW coast, Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursday contracting to the northern half of the state,” Bureau Duty Forecaster Neale Fraser said, reports the Daily Telegraph.

“It is just going to be quite cloudy and quite wet from tomorrow onwards, today the showers are skirting past Sydney.

“There is good news for most of the state, the inland parts should some rainfall from Friday or Saturday.”

Tomorrow's temps will sit at a low of 12C and a high of 18C, with the rain to subside by Thursday.

However, the weekend will be dreary, with it predicted to be overcast.

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