Sydney School Closed After Bacterial Outbreak

School sores.

20 February 2018

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An exclusive Sydney girls' school has been struck down by 'school sores'.

Kincoppal-Rose Bay School has closed its doors for two days after several students contracted the highly contagious impetigo.

The bacterial outbreak causes skin rashes, with 70 students reportedly infected. The blisters which form can be found on the face, groin or armpit area.

Typical treatment includes a course of antibiotics.

This came just hours before the school's swimming carnival.

“Given it’s infectious we’ve had to take precautions,” a school spokesperson said, reports The Australian.

All senior students have been sent home, and the school will remain closed today as it is thoroughly cleaned.

Impetigo typically causes itchy sores on the face, arms or legs. It is easily spread through contact.

Parents of children at nearby schools have also been warned to be on alert, as there was apparently a party attended by students from several schools over the weekend.

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