Sydney’s First Pakora And Chai Bar Has Opened In A Secret Laneway


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Sydney has a brand new hotspot that is about to take over all of your lunchtimes.

There is a brand new Indian takeaway shop called Flyover which specialises in pakoras and chai!

It is located in a laneway in the middle of the CBD and it sells only four items… and they are all vegan.

At Flyover, they make real food with the healthiest ingredients and the tastiest flavours!


Their famous fritters are made with seasonal produce at its peak and there are new vegetables on offer every week!

And well, their salads are so tasty, you wouldn’t want to call them salads at all.


They also have mouth-watering fritter burgers with house pickles & tongue tickling chutneys.


If that isn’t enough, they also have proper Indian chai, with Indian flavours so fresh & life-affirming, you’ll want them every day!

All of Flyover’s menu is vegan & gluten-free friendly!

Flyover Fritterie

Where: 1 Temperance Lane, Sydney

Hours: Mon to Wed 9am–4pm, Thu 9am–5.30pm

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Carly Heading

11 June 2019

Article by:

Carly Heading

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