Sydney’s Famous Gay Penguin Couple Need Help Naming Their New Baby!

Their second born is here!

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The world’s most famous gay penguin couple, Sphen and Magic, welcomed their second born in November! 

So, as a thank you to dedicated fans around the world, SEA LIFE Sydney is now offering the public the chance to name their new chick!

The aquarium is opening up name submissions to people all around the world with the winner scoring a meet and greet with the dads! Not only will they get to enter the Sub-Antarctic Zone to meet and snap selfies with Sphen, Magic and their chick, they’ll also receive a penguin birth certificate.

Those based in NSW will physically be invited on the ice, while those living outside NSW and beyond Australia will be dialled in for a special private Zoom call with the famous family!

Kerrie Dixon, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s Penguin Supervisor said, “We thought the best way to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day and raise awareness for the role our adorable colony plays in driving awareness for their wild counterparts and the threats to their survival, is to give Sphen and Magic fans around the world the chance to name their second chick!” 

Penguins are among the many amazing creatures who carry their sexual organs internally, meaning gender isn't a focus when naming the chicks. Instead SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium gives them identities based on their personalities.

According to the aquarium’s team of Penguin Carers, Sphen and Magic’s second chick not only had the biggest egg, but is the largest of the chicks, is brave, bold and loves food!

Now that you know a little bit about the chick’s personality, submit your name suggestion HERE!

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20 January 2021

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