Sydney Naturopath Jailed For Almost Killing Child Client

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5 April 2018

Hit Newsroom

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Sydney naturopath Marilyn Pauline Bodnar will spend at least seven months behind bars for prescribing an extreme diet that almost killed an eight-month old baby.

The 62-year-old was today sentenced to a maximum of 14 months in jail after pleading guilty to an accessory charge of causing danger of death to a child, the ABC reports.

Judge Peter Bermamn told the Downing Centre District Court Bodnar’s "criminal" actions were “well-intentioned but seriously misguided”.

"There is no doubt that she is a caring and well-meaning individual and that her intentions in providing advice to [the child's] mother were based on what she believed to be some connection between [his] eczema and the mother's diet,” he said.

"But once it became clearly apparent that there was a risk of harm to [the child] through the mother following her advice, it was a seriously criminal thing to do to ignore the effect of her advice on [the child's] wellbeing."

During three appointments between February and May 2015, Bodnar advised a woman to place her son on a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruit, and seeds to treat an eczema condition.

According to police, the boy was “days from death” when he received treatment for malnourishment and development issues at Westmead Children's Hospital on May 28, 2015.

Bodnar is eligible for parole on November 4, and he lawyer says she will never treat children again.

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