Sydney Is Getting Its Very Own Glitter Box Party

A private dance party…in public

Carly Heading

11 January 2018

Carly Heading

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What is better than dancing and glitter? Umm that would be NOTHING!

Sydney Festival has arrived and they are bringing the goods… we are talking a big cube filled with glitter in the middle of the city!


There is no better way to start the year than this dance party!

The box is located at The Meriton Festival Village in Hyde Park.


It is a glitter-filled glowing cube that has two-way mirrors!

So basically, you can’t see out… but they can definitely see in… but YOLO, just dance like no one is watching.

The best part.. IT IS FREE!


For more information, check out the website here



When: 5 - 28 January, from 6pm (closed Mondays)

Where: Village Sideshow, Hyde Park

Price: Free

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