Sydney Dog Owners Beware: String Of Baiting Cases Emerging

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25 September 2018

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Dog owners in Sydney are warned to be on high alert as a string of baiting cases pop up at popular parks.

A case emerged last Monday, with Lola the greyhound eating a large quantity of rat bait which had been hidden inside meatballs.

These nasty 'treats' were placed near Le Montage and along the Bay Run in Lilyfield.

Lola's owner noticed her eating the bait and managed to get her to the vet in time to avoid a heartbreaking disaster.

And now more instances of baiting have emerged, with one person commenting on a Facebook warning by Lola's owner, saying that her dog had died from what appeared to be a poisoning incident at Pioneers Park, Leichhardt.

The Courier was told that there were several other cases, with bait found at Dulwich Hill/Lewisham in July and Rodd Point in late August.

If your dog does ingest bait, take your pet to the vet immediately.

You should also contact your local council to let them know of the bait location.

Symptoms of rat bait include reluctance to eat, bruising, breathing trouble and internal bleeding.

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