How To Avoid Traffic-mageddon On Your Way Home From Work

Bus strike chaos

18 May 2017

The only thing worse than a long day at work is being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic after a long day at work.

But that's the risk on this Thursday afternoon, as bus drivers continue to strike over the state government's privatisation of the network. 

Whether you drive or catch public transport, we've spoken to the experts to give you the lowdown on how to avoid traffic-geddon. 

If you're driving:

The main nugget of wisdom? Avoid Paramatta Road. 

Paramatta Road will be a nightmare at peak hour.

Brett Moore from the Transport Management Centre says that's the road most likely to be chockas, with very limited bus services going along there. 

"It is generally quite busy during the afternoon peak, but with a lot more people using their cars to get to work we are expecting to see more delays there this afternoon". 

If you catch a bus:

Moore suggests going in with "eyes wide open".

"Only limited services will be operating on a couple of routes from the city out towards Five Dock and Burwood, those are the only services running, so people should really plan ahead"

He says the best option is to catch the train, but expect it to be busy.

"Trains are running okay at the moment which is good news, but the main message to people is that the other modes of transport will be picking up the load from the busses which aren't running"

He says the best thing to do is "to give yourself plenty of additional travel time and stay off those main roads if you can"

Making a point: SORRY NOT IN SERVICE bus drives through Paramatta Road this morning. 

If you get a tram or bus

Things appear to be running smoothly (for now) but expect to have your face smooshed up against the glass... it's going to be busy.  

If your kids’ school bus has been cancelled:

Their bus pass will work on any other mode of public transport

If you can catch the 438 or 461:

They will be operating modified services between 3pm and 7pm. But the buses are expected to fill quickly, and will not shop up on real time apps


Here's a list of Bus routes that may be affected

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