Sweating Season Is Officially Over: Cool Weekend Ahead

Cool change.

2 February 2018

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We've been sweating.

A lot.

However, as we make the transition into February, we can wring out our soggy clothes for the final time as we settle in for a cooler month.

Temperatures are set to fall in most Australian capitals, with the cooler weather to be felt as soon as this weekend.

According to the latest Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin are in for below average temperatures.

In Sydney, Saturday is expected to reach 23C with rain in the morning. There will be a top of 25C of Sunday with some showers as well.

For Melbourne, it will be roughly 27C on Saturday and 24C on Sunday.

It will also be cooler in Brisbane, with up to 25mm of rain predicted for Saturday and 24C. On Sunday, temperatures may rise a bit to 28C.

In Perth, there will be warmer weather on the way, with 31C on Saturday and 32C on Sunday.

Similarly, in Adelaide it will be 31C and 33C on Saturday and Sunday respectively.


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