Survivor’s Zach Laughs Off ‘Misogynist’ Label, Says He “Loves Women”

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21 August 2018

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After what feels like a lifetime, Australian Survivor fans finally rejoiced as 'villain' Zach Kozyrski was voted off the island last night by his Contenders tribe-mates.

Returning to the game after her time on Exile Beach, Tegan outed Benji, Robbie and Zach for telling Shonee and Fenella that she and Heath were going to flip on the girls.

A total lie but hey, it’s Survivor!

The girls were able to come together again but instead of targeting the more strategic Benji and Robbie, they finally rid themselves of Zach. They just couldn’t stand him any longer.

Labelled ‘sexist’ and ‘arrogant’ by viewers, Zach’s final foot in the grave came after he patronisingly said he was “proud” of the girls for their effort in challenges… immediately after he also blamed them for losing all their challenges. 

“You have a look at where the team is falling over and it’s because their women are stronger than ours… At this stage of the game, their girls are just so much stronger.”


He also kept using the word ‘team’ instead of ‘tribe’ and that just didn’t sit well with me.

Now, Zach has spoken with the Hit Network's Amos, Cat & Angus where he revealed he does have a girlfriend and "wanted to go in there and play the villain" and "ruffle some feathers".

Take a listen: 

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