Survivor’s Pia Explains How Her Kids Kept Her Win A Secret!

And her epic game play!

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Last night, actress Pia Miranda won the very deserved title of Sole Survivor in a complete wash win over Baden.

Pia’s brilliant game saw her navigate the course of the season behind meat shields to subtly steer the game in her favour, with a superb social, strategic and physical performance that would give her the nickname ‘The Smiling Assassin’.

In last night’s finale, during the epic 6 hour and 45 minute challenge and before the winning votes were read, Pia, Baden and Harry were reunited with their families, including the actress's two kids, Lilly and James (not sure if named after the Potters or not).

So HOW did her young children keep such a massive spoiler to themselves?

Pia explained all in her interview with the Hit Network’s Bec and Cosi this morning:

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Zoe P

18 September 2019

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Zoe P

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