Survivor Recap - It's On Like Donkey Kong!!

Producer Jack reviews Episode 2

Jack Skipworth

31 July 2017

Jack Skipworth

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I only have one word to say after this 2nd Episode....... Yes Yes Yes YES YESS YESSS YESSS!!!

There were tears, immunity idols, a blindside and some good old fashioned NUDITY! What more could you want?.... (besides more nudity). 

If anyone had to lose their undies... lets just thank the lord it was Locky ;)



Basically this episode came down to the battle of the Imbeciles - AK Vs ADAM!

A lot happened, things got weird, i got a little lost half way through but found my way back at the end! I'll try summarise it for though for you in the simplest of terms:

At the start AK and Adam showed each other some Man Love.

However this bromance was Not one for the ages.

Adam found an Immunity Idol Clue - AK ended up finding the actual Idol ahead of Adam - Adam was Pisssed!!



No one really knew who had the idol or who to trust - It was all very confusing, but oh so delicious at the same time!

Tribal Council came - AK played his Idol for Jarrad (no idea why - like i said - Imbecile) and Adam got the boot!!

Thats 2 out of 3 Imbeciles gone. 1 to go!! Another riveting instalment - still not exactly sure what went down but i don't think even the people casting the votes tonight had any clue either! 

The best part of this season has to come down to the Tweets floating around the interweb. The sass is pretty incredible!!


And just another clip of Locky nude for your viewing pleasure!


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