Survivor Recap - AK Ousted

Producer Jack Recaps Episode 12

Jack Skipworth

3 September 2017

Jack Skipworth

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Well I'm completely bummed!! 

Tonight AK, the seemingly most intelligent player on the island, got the boot from Australian Survivor after a tragic tribe shake-up left him on a new tribe with no strong alliance.

I have to hand it to him, he did the put the effort in to try and conjure something up, and I too almost believed Sarah when she promised him the world. Unfortunately no one was willing to take the chance and the best thing about Survivor so far just left the competition. 


Tara is now firmly in my burn book! 


Her smug face when AK was finally voted out showed just how much she's letting her emotions rule her game and lets not forget Tara - that He Got You First!!!! You were voted out, you lost, you were gone. And for some stupid reason the producers gave you a second chance which basically means you will forever have an asterisk against your name and can never legitimately hold the title of "Sole Survivor".


Rant Over!! 

Anyway I hope Tara goes home soon and that someone rises up and has the balls to play this game as hard as it's meant to be played. Sarah, Michelle, and Luke are my faves up until this point!! 

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