Support Bec's Battle With Brain Cancer

Please dig deep Gold Coast

11 February 2019

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Heather, Dan & Ben spoke in today's show about a 36 year old woman named Bec who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. This terribly sad story is very close to the hearts of Heather, Dan & Ben as Bec is the sister of the lovely Sally who works here at Sea FM HQ. 

The team have been incredibly saddened by this story, and are asking their listeners and the entire Gold Coast to band together and help the family in the best way possible right now, by supporting and donating to the Go Fund Me Page. 


Bec's Story: 

Only 2 months ago Bec Lancaster-Scully was a happy and healthy 36 year old woman living on the beautiful Gold Coast with her husband Joel & two beautiful boys Will, 5 and Kit, 1.

Just before Christmas 2018, Bec suffered a series of migraines and doctors found 2 tumors on her brain. At the end of January 2019 Bec underwent brain surgery to remove one of the tumors, the other cannot be removed due to it being on her brain stem. She has since been diagnosed with Grade 4 - primary glioblastoma with a rhabdoid subtype AKA brain cancer.  The average survival time is 12-18 months with only 25% of glioblastoma patients survive more than one year, and only 5% of patients survive more than five years. 

What makes Bec’s story so incredibly sad and unique are the challenges her and Joel have faced over the past 6 years. Will was born in May 2013 with a heart condition that required heart surgery. He spent 7 weeks in hospital until he was strong enough to undergo the surgery. Then in February 2016 their little boy Jasper was born sleeping at 9 1/2 months. Bec and Joel welcomed Kit into the world in October 2017, born at 34 weeks which kept Bec and Kit in hospital for 6 weeks. 

Just when they thought all their struggles were over, they’re now faced with this horrible uncertain future. 


As everyone knows, medical bills are costly and add up very quickly, especially when you’re not able to work and trying to run a household all at the same time. Heather, Dan & Ben and the entire Sea FM family want to support Bec & her family and make their fight a little bit easier. So PLEASE, if you can donate to Bec's Go Fund Me page it would be hugely appreciated. All donations, big or small will make the world of difference. 


Put yourself in Bec's position, and dig deep for a fellow Gold Coaster. 


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