Stop Right Now! The Spice Girls Are in Talks for Another Tour

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Mel C has spilled the beans that the rest of the Spice Girls are in talks to continue their tour

Last year we dusted off our platform boots, with the announcement that the Spice Girls were touring. We waited so patiently for tickets to come on sale in Australia, but they never did. Instead, they started and stopped the tour in UK after just a few shows. DEVO!

Mel C (Sporty Spice) has given us hope that post worldwide pandemic, they may hit the stage again. In a recent interview with ET, she was asked about if we would be seeing any future tours, she responded with,

‘I hope so. We talk all the time, and we would love to do more shows we really would.’ And that ‘There’s always ongoing conversations.’

In the interview she addresses where they are planning to tour if it goes ahead (yes Australia is named), the possibility of Victoria Beckham joining future tours, and how the group feel about releasing new music.

Here are the details:

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24 June 2020

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