State Government Invests in Mental Health of LGBTQI+ Community

Investing in inclusivity

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The Tasmanian Government is investing in the mental health of LGBTQI+ young people after an injection of cash in the State Budget.

A Tassie-based LGBTQI+ education group, Working It Out will expand its operation after the budget has promised a double in funding.

CEO Dr. Lynn Jarvis welcomed the vital funds.

"Working It Out is delighted to receive additional funding for our vital work in helping make Tasmanian schools safe, supportive and inclusive places for young LGBTIQ+ people."

Working It Out is an organisation that aims to make schools more inclusive, and the extra $450,000 will go toward the existing Valuing Diversity Framework which is being used in schools across the State.

Dr. Jarvis just how important Working It Out’s presence and work in the community is.

“It’s difficult for young people anyway, and when they have to negotiate being different to everybody else, that can be really stressful for young people, so as a result of all of those things LGBTQI+ young people have some of the worst mental health outcomes of any population group in Australia.”

The announcement of extra funds coincided with Wear It Purple Day the Nationally recognised day for LGBTQI+ youth.

For more information on Working It Out, visit the website

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30 August 2021

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