Start The New Year With A M4 Toll Increase

Extra $90 per year

20 December 2017

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In bad news for commuters from western Sydney, the M4 toll is set for a price hike in the new year.

From January 1, a trip from Church Street, Parramatta to Homebush Bay Drive will cost $4.74 - which is an 18 cent jump.

This means that a regular commuter will pay an extra $87 per year to use the road, taking the annual fee to $2,275.

This comes as a part of the 4 per cent price hike agreement signed by Premier Berejiklian, which will see the toll rate increase each year.

"At 18 cents a trip it may add up, but at the end of the day what the government is doing is making sure that we do our best to help the motorists out," Finance Minister Victor Dominello said.

“Under the cover of Christmas this Government is sneaking in a further price rise that will add almost $2 a week to Western Sydney motorists’ already large toll bill," NSW Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Western Sydney Luke Foley said.

“This Government hopes no one will notice the increase but Western Sydney motorist is acutely aware of any hit to their hip pocket at this time of year. 

“These unfair and unaffordable tolls are nothing more than a tax on Western Sydney that people can ill afford.

“The Premier may like to talk about measures to ease the cost of living but jacking up the tolls while everyone is away on holidays shows that is just that – talk.”

The M2 is also set to jump 6 cents, the M7 increasing by 5 cents and the M5 up 3 cents.

The government is set to introduce a rego rebate program which will see motorists able to get some money back.

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