Stars And Their Shocking Tattoo Fails

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Many, many of us have tattoo regrets but the problem is when you're a huge superstar, the world gets to see them. Here are some of our favourite tattoo whoopsies!


First up is songstress Ariana Grande. The poor thing got a tattoo on the palm of her hand that she thought said '7 Rings' in Japanese but in fact it says 'shichirin', which is a Japanese barbecue grill.


Haz wanted to get the lyrics to the Temper Trap song 'Sweet Disposition' and instead of getting 'won't stop to surrender' he got 'won't stop 'till we surrender'. Oopsie.



Old mate Zac might be an honorary Aussie, but that didn't stop him from getting a shocker of a tatt. He actually had the word 'YOLO' (you only live once) tattooed on his hand, which seems to have mysteriously disappeared since he got it in 2012.

Speaking of sh*tty tattoos, we caught up with tattoo extraordinaire Rhys Gordon from tattoo parlour Little Tokyo to ask him about some of his best inking stories when it comes to his 30-year career... 

What’s the most popular cover-up design people go for and why?

There are no singular popular cover-up designs as so many factors are involved in this process. The design to be covered, the size they are happy to use, a successful cover-up nearly always needs to be bigger. Budget as-well can be a factor.
I generally start by asking a client what they would want in that position if it wasn’t a cover-up. Then work backward from there. Some compromises may need to be made for a successful cover. With the option of laser these days, we can lighten the tattoo so no compromises need to be made. This allows for the ultimate outcome.

What are your favourite style of tattoos to do?

My favourite style is the Japanese style. I fell in love with this after seeing large-scale full-body tattoos in a book when I was 18, nearly 30 years ago. I’ve tattooed for 30 years and specialised in this style solidly for the last 10 plus. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve tattooed on someone?

I’ve pretty much done it all but have drawn the line at facial tattoos. 15 years working all over the world in red light areas... I’ve seen, done, and been asked for it all. One that stands out was a snake tail emerging from the rear-end of a lady, to complete the package started by another artist. He did the snake's head from the front side.

The legends at Sailor Jerry have stepped in to save some people who have found themselves with some regrettable ink and even sorted them out with a FREE cover-up on behalf of the brand! It is after all their founding father, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins 110th birthday year.

To celebrate the ‘all’-in’ style of Norman Collins, the legendary spiced rum brand has partnered with 12 leading tattoo parlours across Australia to provide FREE tattoos to Aussies. Those looking to take advantage of the celebratory complimentary works of body art, should head to Sailor Jerry’s Instagram page, where up to 10 tattoos will be released each month until the end of the year.

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26 March 2021

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