St Kilda’s Foreshore Could Face An Alcohol Ban

After locals partied there on Christmas.

Bree Gashparac

2 January 2018

Bree Gashparac

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After an out of control Christmas Day party on St Kilda’s foreshore, which saw the popular spot trashed and a number of people injured, the local council has considered permanent action.

The City of Port Phillip released a statement detailing the consequences of the event, including unexpected road closures and a clean-up bill of $23,000.

As a result, there will be a trial alcohol ban, extending the holiday public glass ban until 15th of February. This will including surrounding parks. 24 hour alcohol bans on Australia Day and the 27th of January will also be in place across Port Phillip.

Mayor Bernadene Voss said about the ban, “It’s important that our beautiful public spaces are available for everyone to enjoy and don’t have to be closed for massive clean-ups which our rate-payers are left footing the bill.”

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