Spotify Just Removed R Kelly From Its Playlists As Part Of A New Anti-Hate Policy

A huge step

11 May 2018

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In a progressive move, Spotify have removed all of R Kelly's songs from their playlists as part of it's new 'Hateful Content Policy'.

The move comes after a slew of accusations around sexual misconduct have fallen on the singer.

According to Billboard, Spotify released a statement saying "We are removing R. Kelly’s music from all Spotify owned and operated playlists and algorithmic recommendations such as Discover Weekly, his music will still be available on the service, but Spotify will not actively promote it.”

“We don’t censor content because of an artist’s or creator’s behaviour, but we want our editorial decisions — what we choose to program — to reflect our values. When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful, it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator.”

In response to the move, R Kelly's representative has said; “Spotify is adopting a new “Hate Content & Hateful Conduct” policy. R Kelly never has been accused of hate, and the lyrics he writes express love and desire.”

“Spotify has the right to promote whatever music it chooses, and in this case its actions are without merit. It is acting based on false and unproven allegations. It is bowing to social-media fads and picking sides in a fame-seeking dispute over matters that have nothing to do with serving customers.”

R Kelly himself has responded to the move, quoting support from 50 Cent.


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