South Australia Slams Border Shut To Most Of Australia

Delta variant has SA officials on-edge

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South Australia has slammed its borders shut to every state and territory except Tasmania and Victoria.

The closures followed fears over the virality of the Covid-19 Delta strain, which was suspected to be the cause of infections arising in Queensland and the Northern Territory.


Premier, Steven Marshall, said the state had to put safety first.

“We need to be extraordinarily vigilant in South Australia at the moment, so we’re pleading with people here in our state, if they develop any symptoms whatsoever to go and get themselves tested.”

Exemptions to cross the state’s border were available for essential travellers, returning residents and people fleeing from domestic violence, though all would be required to quarantine for 14 days.

South Australia Slams Borders Shut To Most Of Australia

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Hit News Team

28 June 2021

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