Prepare Yourselves, South Australia’s Biggest Indoor Playground Is Open

It’s Absolutely Massive!

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An absolutely huge indoor playground has just been opened in South Australia.

Funtopia is a 1500 square metre indoor play centre that just opened its doors, and with plenty of activities, it’s destined to keep you and the kids busy for hours.

One of the biggest appeals of Funtopia, is that it’s split up into a couple of different areas based on whatever peaks your interest.

The little ones will enjoy some of the basics in Toddler world.

A little older and they can find themselves within the Australian themed playground world featuring iconic Aussie structures such as the Adelaide Oval, Sydney Harbour Bridge and there’s even an outback themed area.

For those more interested in reaching great heights, there’s a range of climbing walls for you to scale.

In Climbing World at Funtopia you’ll find auto belays and self-clip devices of the worlds most advanced technology to make sure everyone gets home safely.

There’s a stack of different walls and skill levels to test yourself, to make sure everyone can go to their own level.

For details about opening hours, or any more information you can head to the Funtopia website here.

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18 February 2020

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