Sophie Monk Talks 'Bachelorette' STI Checks On 'Hard Chat', Makes Us All Crack Up

It was hilarious!

21 December 2017

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Last night, national treasure Sophie Monk appeared on Tom Gleeson's mini chat show Hard Chat for the second time and man, there's a lot to digest.

If you haven't seen Hard Chat before, the gist is that Tom grills his guests with comments about their latest endeavours and although it may seem quite mean, it's all actually quite fun for him and the guest.

It's just good old Aussie banter!

Sophie appeared on Hard Chat before she decided to appear on The Bachelorette and last night, she appeared on the show for a second time, allowing Tom to grill her on her new relationship.


Firstly, he highlighted the fact that during their previous conversation, they discussed the possibility of Sophie being The Bachelorette and said that they has a "brainstorm" during the show so he should get some royalties.

Sophie just laughed because no, that's not gonna happen.

Sophie then revealed that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten follows her on Instagram and that yes, she's still together with Stu, her "desexed" partner.

But the most interesting comment of the conversation definitely had to be when she mentioned that every guy she "dated" on The Bachelorette had to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases before appearing on the show!

Tom mentioned that his last conversation with Sophie went viral and then asked her if "any of the bachelors were a bit viral", to which she replied:

"No they all get tested!

"I got tested. 

"I was sitting there thinking holy cr**, imagine if I had to get out of it because I had herpes or something.

"Luckily, we're all clear."

Tom looked a bit uncomfortable, but the crowd was cracking up and to be honest, so were we!

It may have seemed funny on the show, but it's actually amazing that everyone gets tested for those things before the show starts, because who knows what could happen...

Oh, and Sophie also said she's "got a nipple hair that won't stop growing"!

She's named it Trevor and now, apparently he's got a friend that she named Trent!

"And I’ve called it Trevor, because it’s just part of me now. And I pluck it, and the next minute it’s back, and I feel like people should study that for male pattern baldness.

"I think he might have gained a friend. So Trent‘s on there too.” 

Never change Sophie, never change!

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