Some Of The Most Horrendous Ways People Have Killed Their Sims

Slightly concerning…

20 July 2018

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The Sims was so much fun to play. You could do almost anything you wanted to, including taking out your inner frustrations on helpless computer characters.

We asked our loyal friends and readers what their worst crimes were while playing. These are some of the most disturbing stories…

“When I got my sims to befriend villagers, invite them to my manor, and then lock them in a room with hundreds of fireworks machines and burn them to death purely for the tombstone which I added to the huge collection in my backyard.” 

“The other day my sim made food but set the apartment on fire. I didn't click anything I just figured she'd put it out. But she never did.. and she died. The place continued to burn while her kids were at school. When they finally got back I made them do activities to distract them while their home kept burning. Did this for 3 sims days before they noticed it and stood in it also and almost died. I found out it takes a long time for a whole apartment to burn down in the sims. Anyway they're orphans.”


“I trapped a sim in the smallest room possible in the backyard, threw a party and invited as many sims as possible to dance and swim and have fun around him, waited for the hot dogs to go spoiled and put them in the room, he peed on them, and I forced him to eat the entire plate. There was no toilet so he could not throw it up either, and then death took him”

“I once made a very pretty mother sim and her daughter, and I made 4 extra male characters. I put them in a giant house, and the attic had four rooms. Each room was identical, with only a fridge, table and chair, bed, garbage can, toilet, and sink. I put a man in each room and locked them in, and made them each impregnate the female. The man who gave her the cutest baby got to live.” 

“In Bustin' out, I put cement on the ground and bought the big diving board then made my sims dive off into it, eventually killing them after 2-3 tries” 

“One time I had a pregnant woman give birth in bed no issue. Problems started when the crib appeared right next to the bed. I couldn't move the crib or the bed and had no money to build anything. So the poor woman was stuck in bed until the kid grew up days later. She finally got out of bed, pissed herself, and then died from hunger. Good times.”


“I lured sims from the party upstairs into super bright jail cells underground made of glass so they could see each other and ordered a butler to play piano while they all screamed and starved, I had speakers blaring in each cell to keep them awake too. Just normal sim things”

“I learned the baby barbecue cheat. I would make my couple have a baby, starve all of them. Then I would cook the baby and make my sims eat it. I always resurrected it, by paying the reaper, but.... dude. What was wrong with me??” 

“I made a happy family of 3: mom, dad, and son. Had a really nice big house w/ pool. Everything was going pretty good, and then one night, a neighbour came over. I walked away from the computer for just a minute, came back to find everyone in the kitchen yelling around a stove fire. I only managed to direct the son away to the backyard before everyone else died in the fire. With everyone else dead, I had the son go for a swim in the pool, and removed the ladder. 'No pain or bad memories where you're going little one...' I haven't played since.”

“My little brother used to lock a bunch of the old people in the kitchen with no food to get them to fight over a loaf of bread.”

“I played my 'dream' family once, and tried so hard to have a son after like 3 girls. Then he was swimming in the pond in the back yard, and it froze over. I actually cried”

“So I found a Sim dude that I wanted to date and marry, but it turns out he not only had a wife but he also had a kid. I drown the wife with the pool tactic and I left a kid in a room with no doors until he was taken. The dude was widowed and childless and was ripe for the picking. Needless to say I got what I wanted and he was mine LOL.”

After we posted this story online, we were told a few more stories and they're just too outrageous... so we had to share them with you!

"I had a prison in my Sim's basement. Every person that was dumb enough to come and visit got a cell with a fridge, toilet, bed and easel. They were forced to paint, with my sim living off the profits. When they were miserable enough to refuse to paint, they lost their bed, toilet and fridge privileges."

"I recently had one with a man who got his girlfriend pregnant, and another one he married, he then had an affair with his wife’s mother, who also got pregnant... so I moved her into the basement and then killed off the wife and girlfriend by locking them in a tiny box together, after they found out he was doing them both and they were enemies - [I] kept them fighting and starved them to death, by then he had 7 kids to 3 women."

"I would make a family, and straight away make them have a baby. If it grew to a kid and I thought it looked ugly, I would immediately have another baby, lock the baby and kid in a room and make the ugly kid look after it while my parent sims lived it up. Once the new baby grew up and it was cuter, id either repeat with the next baby or wait for the ugly one to be sent off to military school." 



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