So You Want To Build Your Own Goon Raft? Here's How!

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12 February 2018

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Now that we know our goon raft, Goonlemore was a success and our beloved breakfast team made it across the bull-shark infested waters in one piece... we thought we'd tell you how we built it!

Naval Engineer and local legend, Alistair couldn't stand by and watch our fruitless attempts so he leant us a hand and made our goon rafting dreams come true!

Here's how he did it...

"I had in mind three things the raft needed for a successful trip across the river - enough buoyancy, good structural integrity and stability," he said. 


"The design came about over the course of a few nights thinking how it was going to work and whether it would do what it was supposed to do."

"I did some rough calculations on hydrostatics and came up with a basic design.  I say rough as goon bags are a lot less reliable as floatation as say steel, wood or aluminium..."


The construction of the base took around 4 hours and was ready to be fitted of the 'buoyancy' (112 goon bags!). 

Think you could beat this?! 




If you are thinking of building your own raft, please take appropriate safety precautions when using. 

-Hit105 could not have achieved this stunt without keeping it safe! Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane went above and beyond supplying life jackets, as well as providing three safety boats to flank the raft and grab the guys out if anything went wrong. 

-Maritime Safety QLD approved safety standards of Volunteer Marine Rescue.

-Depending on the location of your rafting, you may want to contact your local city council and Transdev (Brisbane) to ensure your river usage won't impact the CityCats or Ferries 


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