SO WHAT! P!NK Proves She's Still A Rock Star After Slaying Sydney

Trolls… she don’t need you

Carly Heading

12 August 2018

Carly Heading

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P!nk made her return to the stage in Sydney last night for her Beautiful Trauma Tour and it was the hottest sh*t we've ever seen… and no we aren’t talking about the gastro.

If you are one of those trolls who sent P!nk hate for postponing her Sydney shows after being hospitalised… take a seat, because she is human, but boyyyyy her talent is not!

This woman is NEXT LEVEL.

Over 18,000 fans piled into Qudos Bank Arena last night and watched P!nk in awe literally crush her first show back after being struck down with a chest infection and gastro... and they didn't leave disappointed. 

We think it’s safe to say that every single one of those 18,000 people left that show a different person to who they were when they walked in.

They left inspired, left safe, left happy, left healed, but most importantly they left feeling like it was okay to be themselves, which has always been something that P!nk has stood so strongly for.

P!nk has been coming to Sydney and performing for over 15 years and last night proved just why and how she is still one of the most successful and most relatable artists in the business.

She opened the show with what else… her 2002 hit, Get The Party Started, tbh we would be sad if she didn’t and she then went straight into one of her newer hits, Beautiful Trauma and another fan favourite, Just Like A Pill. 

It was after these that she addressed the whole gastro situation… and let us tell you, P!nk literally starts the show swinging from a chandelier, so unless Sydney wanted a Pitch Perfect movie moment, it was better for everyone and most importantly herself, that she postponed her shows.

You can find the rescheduled dates here.

She apologised for being sick, saying, “Thank you guys for being here tonight. I’m not contagious, I swear…. but now I’m sooo skinny.”

She added, “I hope I didn’t screw up anyone’s week … Sorry if I did.”

Later in the show, P!nk also made a shoutout to St Vincent’s hospital, saying it was rad and the doctors were so nice… and her doctor actually liked her and that never happens because she "knowssss everything!"

Over the next two hours, the night was one giant party mixed with a few tears, but what good party doesn’t have those?

P!nk included songs from her 2000 debut album, Can’t Take Me Home,  all the way up until her recent album, Beautiful Trauma.

The ultimate playlist of all her hits.

She literally does not stop and last night, it was so clear to understand that her health and strength plays such a big part in her shows every single night.

We get puffed from walking up the stairs. 

As well as all of her hits, P!nk also covered No Doubt’s, Just A Girl and Nirvana’s, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

There wasn't a dry eye left in the house, when there was a powerful tribute section to women and how strong they are and how much of a difference we can make.

It featured old interviews with P!nk, which once again proved to the crowd that she has never once lost her true self and has always been an artist to help other people with their pain.

Her daughter, Willow made an appearance on stage to hug her mumma!

In a sold out arena, P!nk still managed to make it feel like you were the only person in the room with her, she interacted with fans throughout the whole show, taking letters, grabbing hands and even making her way down to the crowd to take a photo with a fan who had met her for the first time 17 years ago.

And no, we aren’t talking bout a quick snap, she listened to the fan and made sure they got the angle where they looked the most “cute.”

Just when we thought we couldn’t feel any closer to her, she strapped herself into a giant bungee like cord and literally flew her way around the arena to give the whole crowd a closer look without missing a beat to her hit, So What.

After last night, it's so clear that P!nk really is in a league of her own, but she is too down to earth to even notice the positive impact she has on lives daily and how much she changes the world just by truly being herself.

She is the world’s crack of sunlight.

Listen to our VERY unedited interview with P!nk below… 

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