So Pickle Bun Hot Dogs Are A Thing Now & We're Totally On Board

Please hand me that napkin...

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Many of us have been beefing out in lockdown, gorging on allll of our favourite snacks as often as we like and with no-one to tell us to put down the fork.  

With restrictions beginning to ease up across the country, very soon we will ALL have to face the world with our extra chubb in tow and to be honest, I'm not ready. 


This also means we might have to cut back on some of the carbs, but this does NOT mean we have to give up on all of our favourite foods. 

We have gone ahead and found a slightly less terrible for you, hot dog recipe, which includes all of the good things, just without the bun. 


We know you've heard of the bunless hot dog before, but recipe gurus delish have taken things to a new level and instead of ridding us of the bun entirely, have introduced the pickle bun. 

It is quite literally what it sounds like and we cannot wait to try this at home.

Find the longest pickle you can, slice down the middle as you would a bun, pop the hot dog inside and dress with all of your favourite sauces. 

The cooking website have supplied their own topping suggestions and it looks absolutely mouth-watering. To give the recipe a crack yourself, follow the link through the website. 

Please enjoy for those of us jumping back into the mundane routine of meat and three veg! 

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Georgie Marr

20 May 2020

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Georgie Marr

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