So Many Victorians Are Sleeping Rough

66% of our homeless are men

18 May 2017

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Image: Salvation Army 

When you hop into bed tonight - think about how many Victorians are without a roof over their heads!

More than 13,600 people have slept rough in our state since mid-2015 and men make up more than half of those doing it tough.

While in a one year period between 2015 and 2016, there were at least 7,600 Victorians with no shelter of any kind.

The stats are out as part of the Andrews Government's strategy to tackle the issue of rough sleeping.

Despite temporary housing camps being set up in Melbourne's CBD recently, figures show the majority of rough sleepers are not in our city, but in hidden-away places.

About 39 per cent are in rural and regional areas and 31 per cent in suburban Melbourne.

Today, all of the Aussie ministers looking after housing and homeless will meet for talks.

Victorian Housing Minister Martin Foley has told The Age, he will use this meeting to attack the federal government plan to test 5000 new welfare recipients for drugs and alcohol.

"All it is about is whipping up anti-welfare recipients hysteria, not being serious about addressing homelessness," he said.

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