So Apparently WA Drivers Are The Worst In the Nation...

These figures are a tad worrying

6 December 2017

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Sorry to tell you Kalgoorlie, but apparently we fall under the category of WA's worst drivers when it comes to reversing. 

So if you're pretty certain that you're an excellent driver and can reverse like a pro, then blame your mate. Because around 21,000 of accidents that happen here are when we reverse and when maneuvering, and will happen into a parked car. 


But stress less folks, because there's a couple of handy (and pretty obvious) tips you can do to avoid things like this! 


STEP 1: Don't look at your phone. Your BFFL Amy can wait a few minutes until you get home to get a reply from you. Your driving and safety for you and others on the road is more important! 

STEP 2: Don't fiddle with the GPS. Before you put your car into reverse, drive and all the rest, put into the GPS where you want to go and hit START before you drive. Not after your car is moving! 

STEP 3: Now as much as we love you listening to Hit FM daily, don't play with the radio while you're reversing, and try not to play with it while you're driving too. Get it up to the volume you want and leave it! Little things that distract you like that can cause a nice $600 dent in your car. 

STEP 4: If you have a passenger in the seat (ie, Bestie, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Mum, dog) tell them to hush for just a minute while you sort yourself out of the car park safely. You might not have to say this to your dog, but don't be afraid to tell Rufus to chill for a second if need be. 

The most common collisions, 23.3%, were nose to tail collisions. If you're distracted in any way, you're more likely going to bump into another parked car, a trolley, signs and worst of all, pedestrians! 

So the next time you're parking at Woolies on Hannan Street, take extra caution! 

Save driving Kalgoorlie! 




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