Sniffer Dogs Can Now Search High Schools For Illicit Drugs

New protocols

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Sniffer dogs may be used at high schools to search for illicit substances, following a State Government sign-off on protocols around their use.

The system would see school principals request a visit from the sniffer dogs, needing to show a "demonstrated need" for the dogs before they are put on school grounds.

According to the Advertiser, this visit could be instigated due to a high number of drug incidents at the school or dealing in the local area.

Police may attend the school with sniffer dogs without advanced notice if they have a warrant or 'reasonable belief' that there are illicit drugs on school grounds.

Under the procedure, no students or teachers would be warned about the dog operation, and an assembly would be held while dogs search the buildings.

Anyone suspected of being in possession of illegal drugs are not to be taken out of the assembly area or identified.

A sniffer dog sitting next to a person is also not taken as conclusive evidence of possession - instead, other evidence such as physical proof of the drugs or admissions are necessary.

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5 March 2019

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