Smoke From The Australian Bushfires Has Arrived In Chile

It's crossed the Pacific!

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Bushfires have been ravaging Australia since September and sadly, the conditions are showing no signs of easing up any time soon.

So far, smoke from the fires has seen air quality plummet in Sydney and Canberra, while glaciers in New Zealand have turned brown.

If this isn’t shocking enough, meteorologists have now reported bushfire smoke has traveled to Chile!

Take a look: 


Across the Pacific Ocean and over 11,000km away, it’s believed a meteorological trough has made it possible for the haze to travel so far. 

Meteorologist Manuel Olivares reported for MeteoChile:

“Large amounts of this smoke has moved through the Pacific Ocean reaching South America, mainly affecting our country and part of Argentina, especially today, where we have been able to clearly observe the smoke on us, generating this completely grey day throughout the central area of ​​the country, an area that is mostly cloudless.” -[translated]


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Hit News Team

7 January 2020

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Hit News Team

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