Six Podcasts To Listen To On R U OK? Day

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For R U OK? Day, we’ve curated a list of podcast episodes and interviews that speak openly about mental health, and provide strategies and tips that may be helpful for anyone going through a challenging time.

1. A Life of Greatness – Brendan Fevola  

In this raw and honest episode of A Life of Greatness, Sarah Grynberg and Brendan Fevola discuss the struggles of mental health, the strength of family and why asking for help is so important. If you have ever had to navigate a storm in your life, then you will find solace in the words of wisdom from this conversation.

2. Crappy To Happy – Coping with COVID – Cultivating Emotional Resilience

How do we develop emotional resilience in times of extreme circumstances? Psychologist Cass Dunn shares practical strategies and tools to survive and thrive during challenging times. 


2. The Wellness Collective – How To Find Your Calm In The Height of Anxiety  

When you feel like the world is going crazy and your anxiety is at an all time high, it can be so difficult to make any sense of where to start to feel even an ounce of control. Nat and Cecelia speak with anxiety coach Georgie Collinson about sensory overload, gaining control, and how to switch from living with fear to living the life you deserve.


4. Better For It: Tackling Self-Criticism Challenge

How can we tackle our self-critical mindsets to let go of emotional baggage and develop a more compassionate relationship with ourselves? Host Katie Williams speaks with positive psychologist Dr Suzy Green about the differences between clinical and positive psychology, why Katie has been resistant to seeking help in the past and the skills she needs to learn to manage her negative thoughts.


5. HealthyHer – How To Overcome Loneliness

Being a mum can sometimes be a lonely business, even if you’re surrounded by people. Host Amelia Phillips speaks to clinical psychologist Dr Michelle Lim to find out how we can reduce feelings of loneliness and identify if people around us are feeling lonely and need our support.


6. Home Truths – Choosing Life

Trigger warning: this podcast discusses suicide.   

Hedley came home from a night out and decided that she was going to take her own life. Luckily, she changed her mind before it was too late and with the help of the emergency services her life was saved. Hedley shares with host Wendy Searle the story of that night and her journey to recovery and self-discovery.


If you need crisis support, or you’re worried about someone and feel urgent professional support is needed, please contact:

Lifeline: 13 11 14
Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467
Kids Help Line: 1800 55 1800
GriefLine: 1300 845 745
+ more resources listed here:


10 September 2020

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