Short-Term Rental Sector Slams Council’s Proposal

What about tourism?

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Hobart Council's receiving backlash on its recent proposal to restrict the short-term rental accommodation sector.

Next week, the full Council will debate a report with four recommendations to short-stay rentals, with one recommendation to prohibit more licenses from being issued.

The changes are being made in an attempt to curb the current housing crisis.

Short-Term Rental Sector Slams Council’s Proposal

Corporate Affairs Director Eek'm Curry says the short-term stay sector provides a major boost to our economy.

"Tourists in the short-term rental sector, brought in nearly $230 million to the Tasmanian economy in 2017 and 2018 and they supported more than 1,600 jobs. That stuff gets put to risk when you go making arbitrary decisions.”

Holiday accommodation provider Stayz is also concerned about what the Council says is questionable data around the market.

It says the Bureau of Statistics shows only 0.64% percent of dwellings are used as full-time holiday rentals, urging the council to consider the data before progressing with knee-jerk policy responses.

The report passed the planning committee on Monday and will move onto the next stage next week.

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18 August 2021

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