Shock As Koala Found Screwed To Pole

Horror find

11 January 2018

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Conservation groups are seeking information after a dead koala was found screwed to a post in Brooloo Park. 

Ray Chambers from Koala Rescue Queensland was one of the first at the scene, after his organisation received calls from both members of the public and a council gardener.

“They’d even put gum leaves on the pole as well, so is that saying he was alive when they put him there? We don’t know [yet].. it’s pretty horrid”

“I’d just like to get hold of the scumbag that did this, and rip his neck off. I’m old school… how can you have these kind of people in the public? Are they going to hurt human beings as well? We don’t have room in society for people like this” 

The rescue group is back at the scene this morning with local police. The next step in the process is for the koala, a healthy male, to be inspected by vets.

“We’re going to try to determine if there was trauma prior to his death, or find whatever happened. There’s a bit of work ahead but we want to see if he was screwed there alive, or dead. Either way, it was a pathetic act” 

They’re also appealing for witnesses, or anyone who may’ve noticed anything suss in the area on Wednesday.

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