Shepparton's Afghani Community Will Light Up Culture Corner

We're so excited for this!

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Culture Corner is back and this time Greater Shepparton's Afghani community will have their turn to showcase their culture on the 7th of September. 

The Goulburn Valley Hazara Youth Association and Gowrie Street Primary School Community Hub will be representing the Afghanistan community within the region.


The event will be running from 10am-2pm at the Maude Street Mall where the groups will be showcasing traditional clothing and music. Oh and there's going to be food and drink, and you just know that'll be good!


With around 14% of the Shepparton identifying as having been born overseas, there's certainly a rich cultural diversity to celebrate. 

This is a perfect opportunity for the Greater Shepparton Community to learn more about different cultures and diversity, so everyone is encouraged to see for themselves. 


Jessica Ambler

3 September 2019

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Jessica Ambler

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