Shepparton Cracks Down On Local Drug Dealers With New Campaign

They need your help

29 November 2018

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Shepparton residents are being asked to help Crime Stoppers Victoria and the Victoria Police Service to report anything they know about drug-dealing offences to help disrupt the manufacture and supply of drugs in the local area.


The Dob in a Dealer campaign is a nation-wide program funded by the Federal Government to stop Australia's supply chain of illicit drugs including methylamphetamine (ice), cocaine, MDMA, heroin and cannabis.

Crime Stoppers Victoria CEO, Erika Owens said that public support is crucial in assisting Victoria Police intervene with criminals and organised crime gangs responsible for the manufacture and supply of these drugs and alleviate the cost to Australian communities.

“Criminal drug related activity is not only costing millions of dollars in healthcare and law enforcement, but it is tragically and unnecessarily costing human lives,” Erika Owens said.

“We know that information from the community helps to solve crime, we see it every day at Crime Stoppers, so please get behind this campaign and report what you know.

“Together, we can make our community a safer place to work and live.”

Inspector Dave Ryan of the Victoria Police reinstated the importance of community involvement when addressing the import, manufacture and supply of illicit drugs.

“It’s time to take stand for your community, and your mates.

“Your report might not be actioned this week, or even this month but every single piece of the puzzle counts and your information might just be the missing piece we need to hinder the supply of illicit drugs in our community.

“Together, the Shepparton community and Victoria Police can work together to stem the import, manufacture and supply of illicit drugs.” he added.

Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor Kim O’Keeffe said, “while drug dealers are often hiding in plain sight within regional communities, some people find it easier to turn a blind eye and not speak out for fear of retaliation – but anonymously contacting Crime Stoppers offers a solution.”

“Regional communities are close-knit and because of that, people tend to know who is selling drugs to their family, friends and colleagues. We need people to make a difference by contacting Crime Stoppers and sharing what they know.”

If you have any information about someone who is manufacturing or dealing drugs, you can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at You can remain anonymous 


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